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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

AlterNet: Crime and Punishment: Chris Hedges: Gulag Nation USA: How to Protect Society and Treat Inmates Humanely That Benefits Everyone

Gulag Nation USA: 2.3 Million Inmates, Forced Labor, Rancid Food -- and It's Making the Corporate Overlords Wealthy | Alternet

I'm not a Libertarian, even a Civil-Libertarian or a Neo-Lefist nonaggression type. I'm a Liberal-Relaist who realizes the need for power and authority in society thats done in a responsible way. Its not a debate about where or not we should have prisons but how we should be running them and how we should. Treat our prison inmates and more importantly who should be in prison. I'm not even for eliminating solitary confinement again as long as it reformed so it becomes a productive environment for the prisons. The inmates and most importantly the tax payers and this is what this whole debate is about. What are prisons for and how we should deal with people who break the law especially career criminals. And how we should treat people who are basically non threats to society non violent criminals who are basically. In prison for being stupid and what prison should be like for the people who need to be there. And what the inmates, prisons and tax payers should get in return for people being in prison.

If you look at a lot of prisons they basically have a lot of the same services and things you may see in the outside world. Like places to eat, warship, even shop, barbers, hospitals and so fourth as well as jails. And in prison those are called prisons within in prisons. Where inmates are in lockdown twenty three hours a. Day and sometimes longer then that with basically nothing to do with their time. And we've seen inmates who probably have mental issues going into that environment worst off when they leave. There if they ever get out of that and we have had inmates serve decades in solitary confinement  and inmates who've been in their for decades who are still there today. Thats an example of how not to treat inmates. You don't torture people which is what twenty three hour lockdown in solitary is with nothing to do all day. With basically no real food and what they give you thats suppose to be food doesn't fill you up, with poor heating and. Air conditioning as well, thats what torture is.

What solitary confinement should be is basically a mental health ward of the prison where you send inmates there. Who have violent tempers where they get the help that they need to be able to function back in general population. You have them work with doctors and so fourth, group therapy and so fourth where they can get the help that they need. And for the inmates who are in general population, there time there should be productive where they can get the skills that they need to be productive in society once. They leave prison and also be able to use those skills while in prison to basically serve as employees of the prison. And contribute to their cost of living while in prison. So what would we be doing now after no longer torturing inmates. Preventing inmates from going insane or trying to attack staff, as well as putting them in school and to work where they can become productive inmates as well as citizens once they leave prison.

You want to know why our education system has fallen so fast in this country in just the last twenty years. Well one reason is because our prison system has grown by so much and it doesn't pay for itself and leaves a big hole for tax payers to fill every year. Money that could be going to school and other infrastructure and we make our prison system productive and our inmates productive. We will close that vast hole.