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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Salon: Opinion: Michael Lind: "The South is Holding America Hostage": The Federal Republic is Still the Best Form of American Government

I seem to be writing a lot of responses lately to people who are on the lets say on the social democratic left in America who do not like our form of government to begin with because we are a federal republic. Instead of a unitary government where most of the power is centralized with the federal government. With states and local governments only being left to do what the feds allow them to do. 
The United Kingdom of Britain is a perfect example of a unitary government. And I believe they are paying a heavy price for that now. With Scotland looking to break away from Britain all together. And when Social Democrats get the opportunity to say "look-see, we told you that federalism doesn’t work and we need to become like Europe. And basically take their form of centralize government and apply that to the United States". 
Under a unitary governmental system, we would  basically only have states in name only. You try a system like that in America and you would see states looking to break away and not just in the South. But you would see states that are more open to a strong progressive or socialist form of government looking to break away because they would say "we do not need Washington telling us what we should do. We can run our own domestic affairs".
The latest thing that Social Democrats like Michael Lind and others are critiquing about federalism,who I do respect in Michael Lind’s case because you always know where he’s coming from and he can back up what he believes, but now they are using the government shutdown and Southern-Anglo (for the most part backlash) in the Tea Party a combo of Libertarians and Neo-Confederates, to say that "federalism doesn't work and we need a more centralize form of government". 
But today's Progressives who are really not lets say, but their point against federalism is that. "Look because these Neo-Confederates are in power in the House of Representatives and because of this they can keep the government shutdown by themselves even though they can’t reopen the government on their own". Are saying, "because of these Neo-Confederates we need to change our Constitution and nationalize our social insurance system and tell the states to sit down and shut up. Because Uncle Sammy is now completely in charge".
As I blogged just last night the problem with America is not our Constitution. Or our federal republican, (small r) form of government. American liberal democracy is not the problem with America, but some of our so-called public officials who are in office are. And we have a good way to deal with people who are not responsible enough to govern in America. Which is to fire them and even if we can’t defeat all the Neo-Confederates in the House of Representatives, we can defeat enough House Republicans to put power back in the hands of Democrats who not only know how to govern, but who want to and would govern responsibly.

TIME: Report: Catherine Meyer: Scotland's Vote Signals Big Change For the U.K.

TIME: Report: Catherine Meyer: Scotland's Vote Signals Big Change For the U.K. 

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Big change coming for Scotland and the broader United Kingdom indeed. And what is big change in Britain looks very mainstream in America. Just part of the political differences between the two country. The center-left in America looks like the center-right in Britain. And the far-left in America looks like the center-left in Britain. Just to give you an example, Britain is a hell of a lot more socialist than America as far as how the country operates and governs and the people in the country.

But what is big change or I would even call it radical change in Britain? Britain looks like it is headed to becoming a Federalist Union. Nothing new to America which is a Federal Republic. But you need to know that right now the United Kingdom has a unitary government centralized in London. Which is the complete opposite of federalism, which would be unitarianism. Yes Britain has what is called in America states. But they call them nations being England, Scotland, Wales and North Ireland. The difference being their states and localities have their little say in how they govern themselves.

Where as in America everything that is not related foreign policy, national security and the currency, is essentially left for the states. Where they at least have the major role in how those issues are handled in their states though their governments. With the Federal Government in America dealing with interstate issues. Like criminals committing crimes in different states and interstate commerce, issues like that. To go along with foreign, policy, national security, terrorism and the currency.

So the big change that is coming to Britain, is that they will be moving from a very socialist big government unitarian centralized form of government in London, England, to a more decentralized spread out form of government. Where domestic power would be passed down to the state capitals and the people there and perhaps more power for the localities as well. A more liberal democratic power to the people form of government coming to Britain. At least how it looks now.